Warehouse Management
Basic functions
Hardware specification
Indivi Warehouse Management System (IWMS)

IWMS is the optimal choice for companies who want to manage inventory of finished product, semi-product and material. Or manage inventory by branch, store, affiliated agency.

Support warehouse manager in connect with sale and purchase department in real time. IWMS support user control from purchase receipt inventory to issue selling, outsource transfer

Addition, IWMS provides superior solutions to trace the origin of an item base on FIFO (first in, first out) or LIFO (Last in, First Out).
Outstanding functions of Indivi Warehouse Management System IWMS.

Warehouse Management
  • Beautiful user interface and Easy-to-use

  • Scalable & Customizable

  • Multi language

  • Flexibility and expandability

  • Ensure inventory management based on FIFO (first in, first out)

  • Inventory management will be so easy

  • Possible to trace operating history

  • Environmental protection

Phần cứng hardware
  • Managing your inventory effectively can be the difference between making the sale and losing it to a competitor. If you do not know what you have or where it is, you’re going to have a tough time selling it.

  • A better solution for tracking inventory is to find software that is affordable and robust enough for every businesses. It has features that are simple enough for a business to master, but that can also be expanded to fit that same business’s increasingly complex needs year after year.

  • IWMS is a powerful warehouse management system that fits into this category. IWMS help you oversee multiple locations, track shipments, automatically reorder products, print and scan barcodes (or QR code), convert units of measurement, use multi-currency features, create multilevel BOM, and much more.

  • IWMS can integrate with dozens of other business systems, including SAP, FAST..., just to name a few. So you can share your inventory data across your online and LAN platforms to ensure each one has accurate, up-to-date inventory quantities and values.

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